I offer a wide range of services to individual and business clients. Below is list of services with brief descriptions. Please be sure to inquire about a particular type of service you need but don’t see listed. If it is not a service I provide, I would be happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Services for Individuals

Tax Preparation – All types (personal, trusts, gift and estate tax returns). By keeping up to date on the latest in tax law changes, I am in a position to not only minimize your tax burden currently, but also proactively apply tax planning opportunities to reduce future tax liabilities.

IRS and State Representation – Audits, installment agreements, offers in compromise, 433 forms, innocent spouse relief, collection appeals, penalty abatement. Working closely with clients and their tax attorney (should they have or need one), I have had many successful outcomes in a variety of IRS and State taxing authority matters.

IRS and State Problem Resolution – Delinquent tax returns, tax notices, liens, levies, and garnishments. Over the years, I have successfully guided numerous non-filers through what appeared to them to be insurmountable tax problems. I have helped non-filers complete and file as many as 12 to 15 years of tax returns at one time and then resolve the collection phase of the matter. Don’t let your tax problems cause you stress and sleepless nights.

Assistance with Estate and Trust Administration – Often, administering the Estate of a loved one can be a seemingly daunting task, aside from the emotional stress alone. I can guide you through the process of inventorying and transferring assets, tax-effectively handling IRAs, obtaining waivers and preparing the Estate and fiduciary tax returns. If you are the beneficiary or interested party of a Trust, I also provide Trustee services including asset management, disbursing funds, preparation of periodic accountings, and preparation of Trust fiduciary tax returns.

Electronic Filing – All of the individual tax returns I prepare are electronically filed. This provides assurance that the return was, in fact, received by IRS and the State without the need to mail multi-page tax packages with numerous slips attached. If you are expecting a refund, the funds are deposited into your account within days, instead of weeks as with a manual return which could delay a refund.

Specialized Situations – Have you recently sold and/or purchased a residence and relocated to the area from another State? I have extensive experience with multi-state tax returns, and can help you take advantage of all the tax breaks involving relocation, home ownership and sales/purchases of residences.

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Services for Businesses

Business Tax Preparation - Sole Proprietors (Schedule Cs), Partnerships, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs, and Not-for-profits. By providing both business and personal tax services for a client, I am able to see the big picture and provide integrated, more effective tax reduction strategies. Please refer to the list of industries and professions for which I have provided business tax services.

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Properly maintained accounting records are essential for preparing accurate business tax returns. More importantly, they enable effective financial analysis for managing your business, and they are absolutely critical in the event of an audit. Whether you need complete write-up of your accounting records from scratch, or whether you have a Quickbooks file that needs cleanup, I work with a number of bookkeeping assistants who can provide the needed services, quickly and cost-effectively.

Financial Statement Preparation – Audits, reviews, compilations and plain paper. I can provide financial reporting services to help you manage your business and meet reporting requirements on a number of levels:
  • Audit – an intensive examination and the highest level of assurance provided by a CPA.
  • Review – a limited level of assurance obtained through inquires and analytical procedures.
  • Compilation – a financial statement based on client information with no assurance by a CPA.
  • Plain paper – a financial statement for internal use only on plain paper.
Business Start-ups – Choosing the right form of entity for your business can have far-reaching tax implications. I can assist in evaluating which form to choose (Sole proprietor, LLC – single member or multi-member, S-Corp., Partnership, C-Corp.) for your circumstances. I can also help with obtaining a tax ID number, registering with the State, setting up accounting records, advising on payroll processing, and determining quarterly estimated tax payments.

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Services for Special Situations

Forensic Accounting – Damage calculations, fraud and theft investigations. Using my 35 plus years auditing experience, I have assisted clients and their attorneys with financial analyses needed to resolve disputes and settle litigation.

Estate, Trust, and Guardianship Accountings – There is an old saying that “money makes people crazy.” In my experience this saying has never been more true than in situations involving family members fighting over an Estate or fighting over a parent’s assets where one sibling is the caregiver and/or controls the checkbook. In these unfortunate, but all too common situations, I have extensive experience and can assist clients and their attorneys with complete accounting and financial analyses for resolving disputes.

Gaming and Regulatory Consulting – As a result of my 14 years of management level auditing experience in the gaming industry, I provide various consulting services to gaming companies and regulators in all jurisdictions. These range from compliance audits, to internal control evaluations, to financial due diligence investigations for licensure and regulatory purposes. Please call or email me for more information about these services.

Foreign Bank Account Voluntary Disclosure Program - I provide a variety of services to help individuals comply with the myriad of reporting requirements governing foreign bank accounts and foreign financial assets. These services range from one-time, in-person consultations to preparation of FBARS to full assistance with voluntary disclosure programs offered by IRS. In the latter situation, I work in conjunction with an experienced attorney who specializes in IRS offshore voluntary disclosure programs including the latest Streamlined Procedures to ensure the best possible outcome tailored to your particular situation. Please click on Section IV of my annual Tax Update for more information about foreign financial reporting. Please scroll down to the Professional Affiliations section for a direct link to the website of an expert attorney specializing in this area.

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Professional Affiliations

Many clients come to me with the need for other types of professional services which I am not trained to provide. As a result, I have established affiliations with experts in other, but related professions, so that my clients can obtain the full array of services they need in a coordinated manner. Over the years, I have found that clients benefit significantly when they work with a financial planner or asset manager with whom I have a close relationship and can coordinate decisions. For example, tax planning decisions such as capital gain or loss “harvesting” or decisions involving retirement plan contributions including the type of contribution (Roth or Traditional) are best made in coordination with the financial professional.

The following is a list of other areas of client service needs where I can refer a trained professional with whom I have worked and whose expertise and services I would highly recommend. Please call or email me for more specific information about these professionals.
  • Financial planning and asset management
  • Brokerage and investment services
  • Education planning and financing
  • Legal services:

    • Offshore volulntary disclosure programs (
    • Tax attorneys
    • Business attorneys
    • Estate planning and elder-law attorneys

  • Pension and retirement plan administration
  • Insurance brokers – business, liability, healthcare, life, disability

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